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December 2017 – Haider Almkhelfe successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation on "Scalable Carbon Nanotube Synthesis and Catalyst Design for Fischer-Tropsch Process." Congratulations, Dr. Almkhelfe!

  • November 2017 – Haider Almkhelfe awarded the prestigious first-place Carbon Nanomaterials Graduate Student Award at the Nanoscale Science and Engineering Forum, 2017 AIChE Annual Meeting (Minneapolis, MN). Congratulations, Haider!

  • November 2017 – Haider Almkhelfe, Huan Wang, Xu Li and Montgomery Baker-Fales (UG student) presented their work at the 2017 AIChE Annual Meeting (Minneapolis, MN). Congratulations, Xu, Haider, Huan, and Monte!

  • November 2017 – Dr. Amama presented an invited talk entitled, "Efficient and Scalable CVD Growth of Carbon Nanotube Arrays from Industrial Waste Gas Mixture," at the 2017 Carbon Nanotube Collaborative Workshop, Glen Helen Nature Reserve, Yellow Springs, OH.

  • October 2017 – Dr. Amama presented an invited talk entitled, "Carbon Nanotube-Supported Catalysts Prepared by a Modified Photo-Fenton Process for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis," at the 2017 Midwest Regional Meeting (MWRM) in Lawrence, KS.

  • August 2017 – Dr. Amama received a three-year, nearly $300,000 NSF grant for research on nanomanufacturing of vertically aligned carbon nanotube arrays from industrial waste gas mixture.

  • August 2017 – Dr. Amama named recipient of the Tim Taylor Chair in Chemical Engineering.

  • June 2017 – Former undergraduate student, Marissa Follette, published a paper entitled, "Gas phase infiltration of carbon nanotubes in Ni nanofoam via liquid injection chemical vapor deposition" in Diamond & Related Materials. Congratulations, Marissa!

  • May 2017 – Brian Everhart accepted to continue his research on photocatalysis as a Ph.D. student. Congratulations, Brian!

  • May 2017 – Evelyn Frederic from Rice University joined the group to participate in the "Earth, Wind, and Fire: Sustainable Energy in the 21st Century" NSF REU at K-State. Welcome, Evelyn!

  • June 2017 – The group presented two posters at North American Catalysis Society Meeting in Denver, CO. Congratulations, Xu and Haider!

  • February 2017 - Dr. Amama wins NSF CAREER Award.

  • January 2017 - Graduate Student, Haider Almkhelfe, published a paper entitled, "Catalytic CVD growth of millimeter-tall single-wall carbon nanotube carpets using industrial gaseous waste as a feedstock" in Carbon. Congratulations, Haider!

  • November 2016 - Dr. Amama gave two presentations at the 2016 AIChE Annual Meeting.

  • November 2016 - Graduate student, Xu Li, presented his work on Fischer-Tropsch synthesis at the 2016 AIChE Annual Meeting. Congratulations, Xu!

  • October 2016 - Dr. Amama gave an invited talk at the 2016 Midwest Regional Meeting (MWRM) entitled, "Carbon Nanotube-Supported Catalyst for Improved Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis."

  • September 2016 - Dr. Amama received the College of Engineering Outstanding Assistant Professor Award.

  • August 2016 - Invited review article by graduate student, Huan Wang, entitled, "3D Graphene-Based Anode Materials for Li-Ion Batteries" was accepted for publication in Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering. Congratulations, Huan!

  • June 2016 - Graduate student, Huan Wang, published a paper entitled, "Magnetic Feild-Induced Fabrication of Fe3O4/Graphene Nanocomposites for Enhanced Electrode Performance in Lithium-Ion Batteries" in RCS Advances. Congratulations, Huan!

  • June 2016 - Haider Almkhelfe's paper entitled, "Gaseous Product Mixture from Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis as an Efficient Carbon Feedstock for Low Temperature CVD Growth of Carbon Nanotube Carpets" was accepted for publication in Nanoscale. Congratulations, Haider!

  • May 2016 - Undergraduate students, Brian Everhart and Eric Banning, joined our group to work on photocatalysis. Welcome Brian and Eric!

  • May 2016 - Graduate student, Haider Almkhelfe, selected as one of 16 graduate students to serve as a Graduate Student Ambassador for 2016-2017 academic year. Congratulations, Haider!

  • May 2016 - Undergraduate student, Montgomery Baker-Fales, selected to partocopate in the "Earth, Wind, and Fire: Sustainable Energy in the 21st Century" NSF REU at K-State. Congratulations, Monte!

  • April 2016 - Undergraduate, Cody Newlun (NSF REU student), presented a poster entitled, "Growth of Carbon Nanotube Carpets on Conductive Substrates" at the Alpha Chi National Conference in Washington, D.C.

  • March 2016 - Dr. Amama selected as a Faculty Fellow for the 2016 Air Force Summer Faculty Fellowship Program (AF SFFP). Dr. Amama and graduate student, Haider Almkhelfe, spent eight weeks at AFRL/University of Dayton conducting research on graphene coatings.

  • March 2016 - Article co-authored by Dr. Amama (Nanoscale 2016, 8, 2927) selected as a "Hot Article" and featured in the online collection of Nanoscale.

  • January 2016 - Article co-authored by Dr. Amama entitled, "Understanding Properties of Engineered Catalyst Supports using Contact Angle Measurements and X-Ray Reflectivity" was accepted for publication in Nanoscale.

  • December 2015 - Dr. Amama received the Kansas NSF EPSCoR First Award.


    Welcome to the Catalysis and Nanotechnology Research Laboratory (CNRL) at Kansas State University. Our research program focuses broadly on rational catalyst design for controlled and scalable growth of carbon nanomaterials and related nanostructures via catalytic CVD. We are particularly interested in understanding nanoscale phenomena and processes, as well as designing game-changing, well-tailored, multifunctional hybrid nanostructures for applications in energy storage/conversion, heterogeneous catalysis, and environmental remediation.


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